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ITS World Congress 2015

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  • Gantries, Cantilevers, T Posts

    Structures for large size signs Gantries, Cantilevers and T-posts are designed to support large size signs or variab...
  • Blank Out Signs (BOS)

    The Blank Out Signs concept displays several messages using pre-positioned LEDS...
  • Real Time Traffic

    Real Time Traffic Traffic information in real time to provide information and improve traffic fluidity. What is the ...
  • Optima® Concept

    With the Optima® concept, power consumption of your variable message sign is greatly reduced. It is 100% powered by ...
  • Control interfaces

    Benefits of SCU3/SCU6 controller . Performance : Latest generation of components, chosen specially for its large mem...


The environment is one of SES's major preoccupations. Many measures are implemented, and also a preventive policy, allowing action to be taken against possible disturbances in natural environments, and allowing the environment to be protected and preserved.


Like the AXIMUM Group, SES manufactures products which comply with CE and NF standards, and has a factory in Tours which is ISO 14001 and 9001 certified.

Ecologically responsible innovation

Innovation now means renewable energies, and SES is committed over the long term to creating efficient signalling products which also respect the environment.

SES variable brochure

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