Control interfaces

New generation controller : SCU3 or SCU6

SES’s new generation of central unit is designed to achieve great flexibility in controlling its range of VMSs (LCS, Visio, Luminance, Optima, etc.)

2 versions :
Basic version : SCU3
With the touschscreen : SCU6


Fonctions of SCU3/SCU6 controller

  • Control of VMS in local mode and through a control software
  • Complete management of the messages in a database of predefined scenarios
  • Feedback of default
  • Management of the display during a communication or power problem
  • Interface designed for rapid maintenance and diagnosis

Benefits of SCU3/SCU6 controller

. Performance :

Latest generation of components, chosen specially for its large memory capacity and increased processor speed.

. Ergonomics :

A maintenance menu which can be accessed easily through the touchscreen of the SCU6, or  by connecting a laptop to the SCU3.

A USB port allowing charging, and updating of configurations, and also allowing data to be downloaded.

. Flexibility : 

LCR, NTCIP 1203, modbus and diaser protocols available for remote communications.

. Opening : Several communication ports (Ethernet, RS485, RS232, I/O…)

. Roaming: Encrypted WiFi Access for work in a secure environment.

Web server, the user-friendly web application

WEB server, the web application which gives simple access to management of SES VMSs from any platform (computer, laptop or smartphone), with a simple Internet connection.

  •  Start a diagnosis and a pixel test,
  •  Send a predefined message from the message library,
  •  See the status of each function of the VMS (display, communication, temperature)
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