Gantries, Cantilevers, T Posts

Structures for large size signs

Gantries, Cantilevers and T-posts are designed to support large size signs or variable message signs, or as width or height limitations, and are the result of SES’s industrial and metallurgical expertise.

They are designed to provide high resistance to road hazards, and provide optimum safety for users on roads and motorways.

. Easy maintenace
. Esthetic
. Corrosion resistant
. Very lightweight, facilitating installation
. Dimensioning of structures to suit site constraints

-Anti-intrusion system
-Access ladder and platform

Key feature

  • 3 types of supports : gantry, cantilever or T-post

  • Aluminium structure

  • Easy maintenance

  • Installation is facilitated by the low weight of the structures

  • Completely recyclable

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