Lane Control Signs (LCS)

A Lane Control Signal (LCS) is made of one or two display boards that can display predefined messages only such as a red cross, green arrow, down right arrow… These display boards are fixed in an aluminum or stainless steel housing that is installed on a structure (gantry, cantilever…). The sign is powered, controlled and protected by a controller and an electrical controller cabinet.

All the models of the LCS range are CE certified according to the European Standard EN 12966.

. Latest generation diodes: very high angularity, very bright, low power consumption

. Robust, lightweight aluminium housing: easy to assemble with 2 x M8 grooves.

. Protective mask: protects components and improves contrast.

. Visor

Product Avantages

  • Simplified maintenance (permanent control)

  • Low energy consumption

  • Easy to install the equipment

  • Diode fault detection

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