Optima® Concept

With the Optima® concept, power consumption of your variable message sign is greatly reduced. It is 100% powered by solar energy!


Optima® is certified NF EN 12966, with performance similar to VMSs powered by mains power.


Benefits of the Optima® concept:


. Displaying 24/ 24 365 days per year

. Costs of civil works and excavation works largely decrease

. Low operating cost

. Reduction of the environmental footprint

. Easy and limited maintenance :

Optima® is fitted with an central unit with touchscreen, for simple and immediate diagnosis.


In service 365 days a year, 24 h/24 : 

Solar energy enables a sign with the Optima® concept to operate whatever the climatic conditions.

The size of the batteries and of the solar panels is suitable for all applications.


A long life duration and a non-stop display :




More information of the Optima® concept can be found in the brochure,  “Securing Traffic Management”.
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