Luminance, the variable message signs (VMS)

Luminance is designed to meet the strictest safety and usage requirements and can be used with all your infrastructure. It is offered with various display modes (fixed message, flashing message, alternation between messages). It is distinguished by its high optical specifications and lower power consumption. In compliance with the standard NF 12966.

. White, amber or full color matrix display.

. Central Unit with touschscreen.

. Control protocols : TCR, TCP/IP, NMCS2) Specific protocols on request

. Lights: 2 upper lights or 4 lights in the corners (improved visibility)

. Access: different possible access systems: a maintenance tunnel, walk-in.

Product Benefits

  • Very low energy consumption

  • Simplified maintenance (without tool)

  • Ergonomic control system

  • Display in many languages (Arabic, Russian, Chinese, etc.)

  • Diagnosis with touchscreen

  • Lightweight and visually appealing

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